19 January 2017

Release of the 2017 Kids & TV Brochure

Children’s favourite video content comes from TV, especially linear TV. Across Europe, they spend an average of 1h51 per day in front of their screens

IP Network offers children safe and educational content in 11 European markets, and values responsible, inspiring, non-violent programming. In each country, our children’s brands are recognized and trusted by parents.

Our content is available on 10 kids’ channels, 12 dedicated kids’ timeslots and accessible 24/7 on our online video features. In the cutting-edge world of Total Video, the aim is to provide entertaining and educative images that strike a chord with the audience, no matter what device they are using.

TV is a respected and effective way to promote products for children. IP Network comes up with appropriate advertising solutions to reach children and their families. We set-up your campaign in complete compliance with the local legislation.

Access our 2017 Kids and TV brochure: IP Network European programme offer and solutions to reach kids on all platforms.

You will also find key information on European children's media preferences and consumption, the purchase decision process or the advertising legislation in European countries. 


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