• Teaser 5 salons qui décoiffent


    Who is the best hair stylist?

    From Monday 6 April, five hair stylists from the same city will go head-to-head during the week on M6 in order to determine who among them will win the trophy for the best hair salon. Get ready for a hair-raising competition!

  • Mel Ramos N-TV Teaser


    N-TV on the trail of art

    Wolfram Kons visited Mel Ramos, one of the most important contemporary representatives of the pop art movement, at his studio. N-TV will broadcast the resulting documentary about the artist, Mel Ramos: Pin-ups und Pop-Art will be shown for the first time on...

  • 01/04/15


    TV is the king media to reach your clients, now available on 4 screens.

    It is watched 3h56 in average per day per individual in the EU and reaches 97% of European households*.

  • Nackt unter Wölfen Teaser x200


    New historic perspective

    On 1 April 2015, the UFA Fiction production of Nackt unter Wölfen will premiere on German TV on channel ARD. M6 will be showing the film (L’enfant de Buchenwald) on 8 April at primetime. This interpretation of the novel has also been sold to Belgium, the...

  • Teaser Mon Partenaire particulier


    Seeking a soulmate

    A documentary series featuring handicapped people looking for love takes a different view of courtship and affection. Each episode of Mon Partenaire particulier follows four individuals in their quest, starting on 1 April 2015 on M6.

  • Pirette a venir RTL Belgium


    Pirette is back…and in terrific form!

    On Sunday 29 March 2015, the Belgian cult comedian François Pirette will be back on Belgium's leading French-speaking TV channel, RTL-TVI, in terrific form, with a programme making fun of his pet subject: modern-day life in Belgium.

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