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RTL Nederland: Entering the “media-free” era

On 25 August 2015, RTL Nederland held its new season conference at Hilversum’s Studio 21. Guests in attendance were presented the family of channels’ new season line-up, which includes nothing less than 30 new programmes.

RTL Nederland: Entering the “media-free” era On 25 August 2015, RTL Nederland held its new season conference at Hilversum’s Studio 21. Guests in attendance were presented the family of channels’ new season line-up, which includes nothing less than 30 new programmes. RTL Bulletin 2015/2016 Today more than ever RTL Nederland is more than aware of modern TV’s constant evolution. The ways of consuming content are changing and multiplying rapidly, and no longer limited to the TV screen but to a series of devices. “This is what some call the “cross-linear”, “non-linear” period or also the “media-free” period,” comments Matthias Scholten, the company’s Content Director. For the 2014/2015 season, RTL Nederland has fully embraced this and has pledged to satisfy consumers’ demanding media needs.

RTL 4The novelties for RTL 4 this new season are: Dance Dance Dance, Professor Nicolai & Dr. Beckand, Carlo’s TV Cafe, Zwarte Tulp, You’re Back in The Room, Real Men, Collectief Geheugen, Extreem Jaloers, The Voice of Holland, Playback Je Gek, Beste Kijkers, Diagnose Gezocht and Nooit Meer Naar Huis.

Dance Dance Dance, is the channel’s new Saturday evening entertainment format, presented by Chantal Janzen and Jandino Asporaat. Combining augmented reality and video mapping, the participants attempt to recreate the choreographies of cult films. Jaw-dropping performances are in store. Also very promising is the new season of The Voice of Holland, which includes a new jury: Trijntje Oosterhuis and Ilse DeLange are being replaced by singer-songwriter and record producer Anouk and singer-songwriter Miss Montreal. Singing, or some sort of it, is also the center of Playback Je Gek (Playback you fool), a hilarious lip sync competition.

Dance Dance Dance on RTL 4 © William Rutten

The fun factor is also what characterises new quiz show Professor Nicolai & Dr. Beckand, where couples try its luck in winning a holiday by answering a series of questions. To confirm the answers are correct, both presenters do the craziest experiments, such as dynamiting cars or letting pianos fall from cranes, all for the sake of… science. A dream holiday is also what Gordon surprises participants with who for different reasons have struggeled in their lives in Nooit Meer Naar Huis (Not returning home anymore). You’re Back in The Room is a hypnosis show and in Real Men, the presenter tries to introduce the archetypical football fan and TV-only-with-a beer-bloke to healthy eating.

As no subject is taboo for RTL 4, this season two new help formats will explore the subject of jealousy in a love (Extreem Jaloers) and how families cope with their child’s undiagnosed disease (Diagnose Gezocht – Seeking diagnosis). As far as dramas are concerned, after a successful first season of Zwarte Tulp on Videoland, the hit series will make its debut on RTL 4. While Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden as well as talk shows RTL Night, RTL Boulevard and Koffietijd are returning for a new season.

Wendy van Dijk and one of the doctors intervening in Diagnose Gezocht © William Rutten

RTL 5The channel known for its boldness and adventurous spirit, offers next to its hit formats such as Expeditie Robinson, Holland’s Next Top Model, Roy Ronders, Bluf and Sex Academy as series of new Dutch productions. These are Jandino Talkshow, Krijg De Kleren, Wie Is De Sjaak?, Van Je Vrienden Moet Je Het Hebben, Congolese Bruiloft, Blind Naar De Top, Andy&Melisa: Een Huwelijk In De Steigers.

RTL 5’s access prime welcomes daily show Wie Is De Sjaak? (Who is the Jacob?), where participants are asked by the presenters travelling by bus all over the country, to do the funniest and craziest challenges to earn 250 euros. Broadcast weekly, shopping show Krijg de Klere presented by Gordon, sees 100 shopaholics fight for a 10,000 euro prize. In addition the channel can count on its trademark reality series, to entertain its young viewers group, this will certainly be the case with new season novelties Andy&Melisa: Een Huwelijk In De Steigers (Andy&Melisa: Wedding in the scaffoldings) and Congolese Bruiloft (Congolese wedding).

from left: Krijg De Kleren with lifestyle expert Maik de Boer, Gordon and hair and make-up artist Mari van de Ven © William Rutten

RTL 7The channel whose slogan is “More For Men” has the following in store for 2014/2015: action, humour, reality and above all sports. New shows are Voetbal Inside which is a revamped version of hit football show Voetbal International, Nog Meer Voor Mannen (Even more for men) and talk show Derksen&. Audience hits, The UEFA Europa League, automobile show RTL Autovisie, as well the Rugby and Darts are of course all back.

RTL 8There isn’t much change in store for the women’s channel. Given their success, Theme weeks are maintained and in addition there will be Crime Weekends, where viewers can watch series such as NCIS, CSI, and more all over their weekend.

RTL ZLaunching on 7 September, new channel RTL Z whose slogan is “Business, not as usual”, will be focusing on Business, Finance, Tech and Lifestyle. Programmes include talk show Van Liempt Live, daily programme Z Talks which will aim to show inspiring TED talks and innovation themed show Toekomst Makers (Future makers), among others. More on RTL Z in the Backstage weekly newsletter to be published on 10 September.

Journalist Paul van Liempt host of talk show Van Liempt Live © Jeroen Jumelet

For more detailed information on RTL Nederland’s new season read the RTL Bulletin 2015/2016 by clicking on the PDF document icon above.

28 August 2015 - RTL Nederland, The Netherlands


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