CITV complete RTL's/ITV's offer in the UK with a kids-dedicated channel

Channel Format

Children's channel

 TV Audience Share*

Children 4-15 | 16.8% (06:00-20:00) (ITV Group)

TV Advertising Share**

46% (ITV Group)

Launch Date



General programming

A full range of series covering the different age groups throughout the day:

Detailed programming

  • Earlier programmes for young children: Babar, Spot, Naughty Naughty Pets.
  • More mature content: X-men, Ninja Turtles, Pokémon, Yugi-Oh!
  • Sitcoms: Even Stevens, My Parents are Aliens, The Giblet Boys, Victorious, My Phone Genie.

Value to advertisers

  • Fully focused and very efficient on 4 to 15 y.o children.
  • Covering all ages with a progression of time slots and mixed programmes.
  • Core target: 4-6 years old (with 158% Affinity on average!) and very good results on 4-9 (154% Affinity on average).
  • Very competitive entry prices.

* = January-June 2015
** = January-December 2014

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