Neox is one of the leading channels of the Spanish DTT. Aiming at the Youth, (Young adults, teenagers and children altogether), it widens the group's range.

Channel Format


TV Audience Share*

Adults 13-24 | 12% (La Sexta + Neox)

TV Advertising Share**


Launch Date



General programming

Programming focused on children, teens and young adults, as well as movie breaks with a stronger male orientation than Antena 3.

Detailed programming

  • US series: Padre Made in USA, El Show de Cleveland, Los Simpsons, Modern Family, Big Bang Theory.
  • British series: Torchwood, Merlin, Skins.
  • Local series: Luna: el Misterio de Calenda, Aqui no Hay Quien Viva.

Value to advertisers

  • 3rd national TV channel against Young Adults 13-24.
  • Dynamic and positive values addressing young housewives.
  • A growing channel.

* = January-March 2013
** = January-August 2014

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