6play, the most complete digital TV offer on the market! Unique access to the channels M6, W9 and 6ter on digital media. All functions: Live broadcast, Catch-up, « Connect » function and channel websites.

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All screens: online, smartphones, tablets and TV

Apps Downloaded*

 13 M

Unique Users**

9.1 M/Month

Launch date

November, 4th 2013

6play, the most complete digital TV offer on the market

Easy access to the M6 group programmes with 800 hours of content available in Replay (catch-up) each month and new contents related to the programmes: avant-premières, extracts, exclusive, bonus, etc…
Live broadcast of the 3 channels available at any time.
The enrichment of programmes with the Connect function, which represents more than 700 hours of rich contents in 1 year since its launch. 
6M Household users of IPTV. 

4 full digital channels on 6Play are available since March 2014

6Stories: 830 000 Video Views

30 fictions and TV films available at any time, 6 new TV films to discover each week.
Target: Female | Core target: Housewives & teenagers 

6Comic: 395 000 Video Views

All referent formats of short premium comedy series & a place to discover new talents.
Target: Adults 15-49 | Core target: Adults 15-34 

6Styles: 860 000 Video Views

Advices and trends, true stories about relooking. Dream and escape with look of celebrities and fashion backstages.
Target: Women 15-59 | Core target: Women 25-49 

6Crazy Kitchen: 345 000 Video Views

Emphasis on cooking competitions (Top Chef…) and foreign formats, selection of the best ‘cooking’ moments, cult snetences, prowess...Target: mass target | Core target: Adults 25-49 & Housewives



** Mediametrie Netratings November 2014

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