Bel RTL is the first Radio station in South Belgium.  The station was founded in 1991. The diversification of the station is rather caused by its link men than by programme.


Station Format


Audience Share

Adults 30-64 | 16,9% | Jan-Mar 2012

Daily listeners

 708 000 listeners 12+

Launch date



General programming

Generalist Radio station featuring news all day long, reinforced in the morning and the evening.

Detailed programming

  • News: 3 main rendez-vous in the day as well as every hour.
  • Entertainment through radio quiz shows with great interactivity: 6 daily rendez-vous adding good mood, service and gifts.
  • Magazine: 2 daily magazines about various subject as sports, politics, health, society...
  • Music is played especially in the afternoon and evening: French artists as C. Dion, F. Cabrel, A. Souchon, but also other artists as Suarez, M. Bublé, Adele, K. Melua,...
  • Humour thanks to unavoidable programmes “Les Grosses Têtes”.

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