Leader on free-to-air kids channels.

Channel Format

Children's channel

TV Audience Share*

Kids 3-9 | 23% (for Germany)

TV Advertising Share**

2.1% (for Germany)

Launch Date



General programming

Super RTL is geared towards kids during daytime and fun for all the family during primetime!

Detailed programming

  • New cartoons for the youngest: Doc Mc Stuffins, Peter Hase, der Phantastische Paul, Chuggington, Mike the Knight
  • Cartoon for older kids: Dragons, Tom & Jerry, Sally Bollywood, Die Dschungelhelden, Angelo!
  • New educative magazines: Woozle Goozle, History Explorers, WOW die Entdecker Zone
  • Action cartoons in early afternoon: Ultimate Spider-man, Go Wild Mission Wildnis
  • Disney's teenagers series in access prime time: Jessie, Lab Rats
  • Sitcoms and Series for PRP 14-59: Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Merlin, Pretty Little Liars, Legend of the Seeker
  • Family evening entertainment: Harry Potter, Dennis the Menace, 40 Days and 40 Nights

Value to advertisers

  • Largest reach capacity: #1 kid’s channel in Germany, Switzerland and Austria
  • Strong appeal to mothers and spenders
  • Geared towards kids in daytime, family in prime time

* January-September 2015
** January-June 2015

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