RTL II offers a wide range of entertainment for all ages. RTL II also broadcasts in Switzerland and Austria.

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Channel Format


TV Audience Share*

Adults 20-49 | 6% (for Germany)

TV Advertising Share**

6.4% (for Germany)

Launch Date



General programming

Audience share on the rise with an audacious and thematic programming. RTL II broadcasts entire seasons of US series in a weekend.

Detailed programming

  • US sitcoms & series: The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, The A-Team, Teenwolf, True Blood, Dexter, Californication
  • Top Movies from Hollywood: Pelican Brief, Hulk, Butterfly Effect, Bourne Identity
  • Reality series: Berlin Tag und Nacht,Köln 50667, Die Wollnys, Die Geissens, Frauen Tausch, Hilf mir! Jung, pleite,verzweifelt, Teenager Stories
  • Magazines & Reports: GRIP, Exklusiv Die Reportage

Value to advertisers

  • Trend setter: Berlin Tag & Nacht, first to broadcast Big Brother.
  • Strong and accurate infotainment magazines.
  • Competitive pricing and daring programming strategy.
  • Well-developed programme grids.
  • The lowest CPT in Germany against Adults 14-49.

* January-September 2015
** January-June 2015

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